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Image by Jakob Owens

Miss Liberty

The Miss Liberty Pageant supports the Miss Connecticut and Miss Massachusetts Volunteer State Pageants as a scholarship fundraiser AND as a local level pageant providing the Miss Garnet Volunteer (Connecticut Teen & Miss) and Miss Plymouth Rock Volunteer (Massachusetts Teen & Miss) titles to compete at the respective 

Miss Volunteer State Pageants to be held later this year!

The Miss Liberty divisional titles will be awarded to the winners of each division who do not qualify to compete for the Miss Connecticut Volunteer or Miss Massachusetts Volunteer State titles. Additionally, winners of the Optionals categories will also receive a crown and sash. Optionals titles are awarded to the overall highest score in each Optional competition, across the divisions as contestants are NOT scored against each other, but are based on the skill level of each contestant for their age and their division.

The Miss Liberty Pageant is an open pageant; anyone from any 

state or age division is welcome to compete! There are no non-compete restrictions and, with exception to the Miss Garnet & Miss Plymouth Rock Miss & Teen titles, no requirements or obligations to the title.


Competition Requirements


Mandatory phases of competition are:

Evening Gown (50%) and On-Stage Introduction (50%).


There are a number of Optional phases of competition: Interview, Photogenic, Patriotic Wear, Casual Wear Modeling, Fun Fashion Modeling, Talent, Fitness Wear (Sweetheart, Pre-Teen & Teens) and Swim Wear (Miss, Ms., Elite & Classic). 


Interview: Panel Style Judge’s Interview – 5 minutes each.

Photogenic: Color or black & white photograph size 5x7 or larger.

​Patriotic Wear Modeling: Show us your patriotic spirit! Pageant will provide modeling music.

Casual Wear Modeling: Outfit must be "off the rack" with no embellishments. Pageant will provide modeling music.

Fun Fashion Modeling: Bring your A-Game with this glamorous, high fashion modeling competition! The fancier, the better! Pageant will provide modeling music.

Talent: All talents are welcome; maximum of 90 seconds. Contestant is responsible for any instrumental requirements and musical accompaniment.

Fitness Wear: This competition is available to our Princess, Pre-Teen and Teen Contestants. Yoga pants or shorts with a tank top or sports bra-type top. No bling.

​Swim Wear: This competition is available to our Miss, Ms., Ms. Elite and Miss Classic Contestants. Contestant maywear either a one or two piece swimsuit with a coordinating sarong or wrap.​


Eligibility requirements are based on a Contestant's age as of May 21, 2023.  

PRINCESS:  Ages 4-8

PRE-TEEN:  9-12

TEEN:  13-17

MISS: 18-26

MS. 27-35

MS. ELITE: 36-45


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